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Hi - all you readers of Chunky’s Rock and Roll corner.

Before I continue with my Articles on the Rock and Roll greats I offer you something different for the beginning of 2009 – Just to test your memory!


This is based on the Ian Dury and the Blockheads 1970's record "Sweet Gene Vincent."

I have modified it to include 11 of Vincent's songs – can you find them?

Skinny white sailor, your chances were slender the glory was brief.
Shall I mourn your decline with some good red wine and a black handkerchief
I miss your sad Virginian whisper
I miss the voice that took my heart.
Sweet gene Vincent
Young and old and gone
Sweet Gene Vincent
Who who slapped John ?
White face black shirt
White socks black shoes
Black hair leather coat
Bad leg - died too soon
Sweet Gene Vincent
Let the Blue Caps roll tonight
At the Rock N Roll ball in the old club hall
Dancing to the bop is their delight
Here comes duck tail Danny dragging little Sheila
She’s the one with the flying feet
These are great times and
You can dance to the bop all night with that crazy beat
The jump – back honey is in blue jeans, tight sweater and a pony tail
Will you guess her age when she comes back stage
Because she is a wild cat
And jumps, giggles and shouts
Sweet Gene Vincent
There’s one in every town
And the devil drives till the hearse arrives
And you lay the pistol down
Sweet Gene Vincent
Your leg still hurts and you need more dough
You got to get back on the road
So Farewell my friend – Goodbye
See you over the rainbow.

Yes, musically speaking – the Rock and Roll voice that stole my heart.

One day I may just see the great man again – over the rainbow.

Let me know if you find them all.

Best of Luck


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Gene Vincent